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Rental Policies

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Rental Policies & Procedures

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! There are several forms of communication! We look forward to assisting you!
  1. You can contact us via the “Contact Us” Link provided Click Here
  2. You can reach out to us via Facebook Messenger Click Here
  3. You can email us directly
  4. You can call us (207) 290 0032 during our normal business hours

Payments we Accept

Cash  –  Check  –  VISA –  Discover  –  American Express  –  MasterCard

Rental Policies

Daily   | Weekly   | Monthly

DAILY RENTAL: A daily rental is a twenty four (24) hour rental and starts when you pick up your rental equipment or your rental equipment gets dropped off. On metered pieces of equipment, a daily rental comes with eight (8) hours of run time. If you pick up your rental after 1pm on Fridays, your rental is due back no later then 1pm on Saturdays.

WEEKLY RENTAL: A weekly rental is a seven (7) day rental session and starts when you pick up your equipment or when your equipment gets dropped off. On metered pieces of equipment, a weekly rental comes with forty hours (40) hours of run time.

TIP: A weekly rental is a great deal if you plan on having your rental equipment longer then three or four days Price Wise!

MONTHLY RENTAL: A monthly rental is a twenty eight (28) day rental session and starts when your equipment gets picked up or dropped off. On metered pieces of equipment, a monthly rental comes with one hundred forty (160) hours of run time.

TIP: A monthly rental is a great deal if you plan on having your rental 3 or more weeks!


This option is available for our lifts,  Vermeer equipment, John Deere equipment, and our Hitachi excavator  only. NO SMALL TOOLS, OR LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT.

If you return your equipment after hours on the day it is due back, you will still be charged a late return fee.

You, the renter is solely responsible for this equipment until it can be checked in during normal business hours .

Drop equipment off where instructed, take multiple pictures of the equipment from multiple angles, including fuel gauge and email them to for your protection and ours.  Include the equipment name, your rental contract number and last name in subject line. If you do not take pictures, any damage that has not been previously documented will be charged to you.

Drop key in lock box located on the pillar in front of our entrance door.


Equipment returned late (after 15 minutes past original due time) will be subject to a late charge of 5% per each hour it is late (a minimum hour will be charged). Lessee will also be responsible for rentals lost due to late equipment at the cost of the rental lost.

What happens if I am late picking up my rental? All reservations are held for one (1) hour past the original planned pick up time. Any rental item(s) not picked up within one (1) hour will be forfeited and rented to another customer if no contact has been made. Please note, the return time for your equipment will not change if you are late picking up. Your deposit (please see the deposit section) will not be refunded. It is imperative to pick up your rental on time.


Equipment is considered late if you are returning fifteen (15) minutes past your original “Due Time” stated on the front of your rental contract. You will be charged if you return your equipment late! The Fee for a late return will be 10% of your rental for each hour you are late a minimum of one hour.



When reserving equipment, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 20% the overall cost of your rental (not per line item on contract). This 20% will guarantee that your reservation is held. Deposits are non refundable if you cancel within three (3) days. You can pay your deposit by sending us a check, paying in person at our shop, or by reserving and paying online. You will have the option to pay for the full total. If you choose to pay the full total, all but 20% will be refunded if you cancel within three (3) days.


A cleaning charge of $50.00 will be applied to contracts that that return equipment dirty. Equipment is prepped and cleaned before each rental, and is expected to be returned clean. If a professional cleaning company needs to be brought in, the lessee will be liable for that entire bill plus a surcharge of $3.00.

We understand that not everyone has a water hook up, if you are unable to clean your rental before returning it, please let your Rental Agent know before you rent your equipment so we can let our crew know.


The lessee is responsible for refueling their rental to the level it was at when your equipment was rented out. The charges will be as follows:

Current Cost of Fuel to put the fuel level back to where it should be+ a $3.00 Charge

(Whether Diesel, Premix or Regular Gas). This total will be added to your bill and payable immediately. Your contract will state the type of fuel your rental takes


If you place a service call, a Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply representative will, at dispatched as soon as possible to your service call. If your service call is found to be an error on the operators part, damage due to misuse or neglect, you will be charged a “Service Call Fee” which breaks down to the following:

Service calls are billed at $50/ hour with a 1 hour minimum during normal operating hours. Service calls outside normal operating hours will be billed at $75/ hour with a 1 hour minimum. These charges apply to on site visits.

If your rental equipment needs to come back to the shop for repairs

$2.50/mile if the associate has to bring it back. Mileage is free if you the lessee brings it back. This is in addition to the hourly billable rate.

Our in house labor rate is $50.00 an hour with a minimum of an hour

we do not mark up the cost of parts. Renter will be billed the exact cost for parts and shipping if applicable. All invoices will be available for you to see.

If transport is needed to a repair facility a fee of $2.50 / mile and the applicable hourly labor rate will be billed to renter.n

If the repair cannot be done in house, and an outside facility or contractor must be used, the renter will be charged that repair fee including their labor and parts.

If the service call is due to a manufacturer or mechanical failure equipment you will not be charged a service call fee.

All Service Call charges will be charged and billed at end of rental and must be paid immediately.


For liability purposes, a Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply Rental Agent will not assist in loading/unloading equipment. If customer requests us to assist in loading, Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply LLC. will not assume the risk of liability. Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply will not be liable for any damage including but not limited to rental equipment, damage, scratches or dents done to lessee’s car/trailer. The customer will assume all liability if they request assistance from Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply.


We strive to provide secure transactions. In order to do so, we are not permitted to speak to anyone who is not associated with your rental contract or listed on the contract. All people associated with the contract but be listed on the contract. You must provide your I.D at time of reservation and pick up. If you are calling in about your contract you must provide a contract number that will be assigned to your order.




Rental Contract Large Print Version  | Rental Contract   |   Addendum – Trailers    |

 AWP Addendum

Frequently Asked Questions

WELCOME! Below are frequent questions we get asked in regards to renting equipment. The below questions are frequent and may not answer your question exactly. If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to call us or Click Here to be directed to our contact us page!

1. Do you deliver? YES. We deliver for an additional charge. For current delivery prices, please contact us, our Rental Agents will be happy to assist you!
2. Do you do Half Day Rentals? NO. Please check out our “Rental Policies” Page for our current Rental Options.
3. Do you run the equipment you rent? NO. We do not rent operators with our equipment however, we are more then happy to recommend people who may assist you.
4. What happens if my equipment gets returned late and what is your grace period? Please see our policies page for more information.


NOTICE: Scheduled Maintenance is planned for December 20, 2018 – January 31, 2018 for this page for updates. This page will be left blank until it is updated

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause


.We LOVE Local! We strive to support our community! If you wish to request a donation, please read below and submit a Donation Request form.  Your request will be submitted for review once you hit “Submit”.  We like to play a role in our community through being active in our community. You may notice a Wilson’s Representative throughout town and at many events!


We will try our best to support the worthy causes and projects we can! Unfortunately, we can not support all worthy causes or projects. Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply will generally not be able to accommodate or donate to the following:

  • Political Ad’s, Political Campaigns, Political Affiliates/Parties
  • Travel
  • Academic Research
  • School Field Trips
  • Travel and Transportation
  •  Fees for conferences, seminars or travel
  • Re-Granting organizations. We aim to make all donations without going through another organization
  • Individuals
  • Travel & International Studies
  • Funding operational costs or salaries
  • Individual emergency relief.
  • Areas outside of the Lincoln Lakes Region. We strive to keep all donations as local as possible.
  • Fraternal or Labor organizations

All other requests for donations not listed above are encouraged to submit a Donation Request!

We ask that donation requests be submitted thirty days before your event. Our Office Manager will reach out to you in regards to your request and status. You will need to provide a signed and dated W-9 form which you can mail to us at

Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply LLC.

36 Fleming Street

Attention: Office Manager

Lincoln, Maine 04457

Please click here to submit your donation request: Electronic Donation Request Form