At Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply LLC. community involvement is our goal! We want to be apart of the community and the events going on around the community. We partner with local non – profits throughout the year and work with the communities around us.


Our donation focus area is to stay local. We keep all donations local and partner only with local non-profits.  Our donation area is Lincoln, Lee, Winn, Enfield, Chester, Springfield, and Burlington.  In 2018 alone, we partnered with the Gary Gordon Medal of Honor, House in The Woods and several municipal events and town functions around us. We try to send a representative to volunteer at any/all events around.


Donation requests can be submitted thorough our online form or printed and mailed back to 36 Fleming St. Lincoln, Maine 04457 Attention Accounts Manager. Submitting a request does not guarantee Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply will donate to your event. All requests should be submitted at minimum 5 weeks prior to the start date of your event. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive an answer. We reserve the right to decline any donation request.


To be eligible for a donation:

  • Your organizations request must fall within our focus
  • Include a signed and dated IRS W-9 form Blank W-9 Form

We can generally support the following:

  • Local Non-Profits
  • Family Friendly Municipal/Town Events
  • Requests that better benefit the communities
  • Advertising request (including printed programs)

We can not generally support the following:

  • Political Ads/Lobbying
  • Political Campaigns
  • Third party requests on behalf of another organization
  • Town/Municipal events deemed unsafe or not family friendly
  • Fees for conferences, seminars,  or travel
  • Advertising request (including printed programs) that are not for family friendly events
  • Individual relief fund
  • Individual/team fundraising
  • Fees for participating in athletic events/ competitive programs
  • Fraternal or Labor Organizations
  • School Field Trips
  • Workforce development programs
  • Religious Organizations

You are encouraged to submit a donation request form for your event/fundraiser. We view every request for donations.

Equipment Donation Request

Monetary Donation Request

Landscape Supply request

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out to our Office Coordinator

Bryan C.

Email:  or call our shop at 207-290-0032 and ask for Bryan Monday – Wednesday and Friday 8am – 3pm